Forex Broker: Important Tips Before Hiring One

Forex Broker: Important Tips Before Hiring One

forex brokerA forex broker is your knight in shining armor, your professor and, your gardener all wrapped in one. This is because they protect your account, mentor you on handling your trades, and help you healthily grow your money.


Fraudulence and scams are very rampant in Forex, and if you’re not cautious enough, you might just lose all your hard-earned money. Therefore, choosing the right forex broker is very crucial in the forex trade market.To help you determine who is the equipped broker for you, we have come up with some guidelines you can consider before engaging on your forex journey.

Check Forex Broker’s Legitimacy

No one wants to hand their hard-earned money to just anybody and later on finding out that your money has already vanished into thin air. Check for the following:– Check their credentials and how long they’ve been in the industry. You may also want to ask who their previous clients are if they’re fairly new.– Must be a member of regulatory agencies. These agencies provide order in the trade market and more importantly, protect traders like you from fraud, thus stopping the brokers from cheating or scamming you.

Check Forex Broker’s Transparency in Execution

Disclosing all forex trade information by your forex broker, especially if you’re a beginner, is essential. They must guide and support you throughout because in this business they’re your partner. Both parties must be clear and concise to make things work according to plan.Your broker must also provide with you with the following:– Demo account – This is significant, especially for beginners, because this account will help you get familiarized on how the system works– Leverage and margins – This amount vary from one broker to another. Leverage is an extended loan offered by the broker to margin account holders. For example, an account that is $1000 and has a 50:1 leverage can have a position that is assessed at $50,000. It works in the trader’s favor when placed in winning positions but, losses can also be significant.– Offer the best pricing – As your intermediary, your forex broker oversees all the best pricing available. In this note, they must impart you of every buy and sell facts in the trade market.

Check The Trading Platform

In today’s era, forex trade has become more convenient because of trading platforms. And this noteworthy channel is the trading platform that your broker will equip you with.To facilitate the trade smoothly and speedily, the trading platforms must have the following:– “Buy” and “Sell” buttons that are easily seen– Hassle-free charting tools– Well-designed and simplified interface– Can offer customization according to the account holder’s preference– Contain news feed and relevant trading alerts– Mobile friendly and stable

Check for transaction costs

Whether you like it or not, you’ll be charged transaction costs for every trade you enter. The cost could either be counted towards the spread or their commision.A low transaction cost may not always be attractive as this may also pose security threats. Do your homework and sometimes it’s better to forego low transaction cost for better broker security.

Check The Forex Broker’s Customer Service

Efficiency and availability of your forex broker must be consistent since trading occurs all day long.A reputable forex broker should have the following in terms of customer service:– Has a hotline that’s available 24 hours a day to attend to urgent customer concerns.– Customer representatives should be able to answer questions about the company profile, spreads, leverage, and fees.– Varied customer support channels such as live chat and email.

Check the deposit and withdrawal process

You go into forex trading because you wish to earn money and your end game is to enjoy your earnings. The deposit and withdrawal process should be hassle-free and timely. This is also why you need to consider getting a forex broker in your local area to avoid potential legal issues and for convenience.


While a broker could ease the painful side of trading, finding one that is credible and trustworthy requires you meticulous judgment. Make sure that you scrutinize all the factors, and consider all possibilities before hiring a forex broker to steer clear of regret and disappointment.


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